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JAWABAN RESMI PIHAK MFB terhadap tulisan yg memfitnah bahwa MFB JUGA MILIK YAHUDI

MFB – The Rival Facebook by Muslims exposing the Propoganda by “Zionists”
June 11, 2010 by omerzaheermeer

Everyone knows MFB is created and owned by Young PAKISTANI MUSLIMS.

However Millat was accused by a misguided (or as some Millat members called him “traitor”) blogger of being not been owned by Muslims but been a “conspiracy by American Jews”. Funny thing is the man is using the Zionist owned FB and telling others NOT to use MFB ….. can you see the hypocrisy????.

And guess why …………. because the “genius” discovered that Millat had some servers in the USA (which by the way are NOT AVAILABLE at those terms ANYWHERE else in the world).

Now this is really unbelievable that just because of that it was rumoured that MFB was made by Americans or Jews ….. Yes ….. Me too was amazed to hear the “basis” …… How can a person’s intelligence go so low?

Just like any country or for that matter a muslim country buy the weapons or technology from USA or any country for its defence which than become its property, Millat got the things it needed from all over the world. What is wrong with that when they have all the SECURITY IN PLACE ?

Buying or hiring something from any country doesn’t means it will not be used for the defence of the buyer.
InshAllah one day Millat will develop our own SUPERCOMPUTERS but till than we need to avail the technology.
Such infrastructure is NOT available elsewhere on such terms.
It is TOTALLY SECURE and NOT under the control of the US Govt.
Even the Prophet (Saww) used to set free the prisoners who would teach Muslims
Seeking of knowledge and thereby technology is obligatory for all Muslims
All and any resources should and can be used to achieve the goals through right means
It seems the person who started the rumour was either on a mission by those wanting the MFB to stop or didn’t knew much about how the IT industry works and what’s involved in creating a Muslim FB rival.

Let me ask the proponents of this fiasco …….. all these latest gadgets from IPods to Cars to Flat screen Tv’s etc ………. where are they made or their technology originated from? ……. The main principle is that nothing is good or bad in itself …. it’s the use that made it good or bad ……just like a Gun can be used for self-defence or to kill someone.

Zionists, after failing in all their other attacks have now retorted to dividing us by spreading the Rumours that MFB (God Forbid) is related to CIA or Jews…..

If it was so why would CIA and Jews be attacking us regularly????
Why would YAHOO block any email containing our website address? (Check yourself)
Why are their Global appeals by Islamophobic Fascists to launch attacks on MFB?
The Zionists are helping each other and trying to make fool of some of our brotheren.
Attacks on MFB Proof:

We’ve been really hurt by this propoganda as unfortunately some of our Muslim brotheren from Indonesia got involved in it. May Allah give them Hidaya. Our arms are open for them. But I’d like to thank the Indonesian brotheren overall as standing behind their OWN Millat and refuting the FALSE PROPOGANDA.

We knew some Islamophobic Zionists can go this low but never expected our brotheren would be used in this way. It really hurts as we’ve been fighting for the Honour of the Prophet (SAWW) without even proper sleep and this is what we were accused of?

The global media have reported Millat Facebook and overall hailed it as a brave and unique step by MUSLIMS which poses a serious threat to FB ……..and is termed a REAL alternate ………….

Some of the major Media outlets to have covered Millat Facebook reporting that it is created by Pakistani Muslims to Rival Mark’s blasphemous FB are:

Al-Jazeera Network, Qatar
AFP (one of the world’s largest news agencies), France
ABNA (News Agency).′]
The Telegraph, UK
Daily Mail, UK
Malaysia Today’]
Daily Dawn, Pakistan
Hindustan Times

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