Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Challenge by AP Reporter to Muslims & Short/SMS Messages to promote YOUR MFB - Your Ideas?


start with the name of ALLAH

Assalam o Alikum

CONGRATS YaHoo Yesterday Associated Press Reporter in Pakistan contacted MFB CEO for comments on social media and role of Muslims. She was amazed to know that Muslims have such a large network MashaALLAH YaHoo She said she was surprised that Muslims can manage and sustain such a large network (and it changed her perception of Muslims) Alhamdulillah

However she did mention that now that we, MFB'ians have reached such heights than why do not we do some effective people to people referral campaign.

This has also been the suggestion and insistance of many members too.

Your MFB team believe it is time for us to show the world that together we CAN & we WILL WIN inshaALLAH ALLAH HO AKBAR MFB Kalma

We can and should all start forwarding SMS about our MFB to our friends and family repeated to do our bit for the cause of Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Remember no action is big or small but it is the intention. Every drop counts and it is the first drop which turns into the rainpour by isnpiring others.

One tip is to do it repeatedly atleast 4 times over a period 8 days due to Human psychology to ignore initially. inshaALLAH we will see more results than.

Here is one for a starter and we would appreciate your ideas of small messages/SMS to be forwarded too. So give your ideas in this bulletin and let us start forwarding messages about YOUR MFB Yes

" Free - Join MFB, the LARGEST Muslim Social Network with OVER Half Million (510,000 +) Members from all parts of the world. It provides all the features that any social network provides like Blogs, Polls, Walls, Pictures, Videos, e.t.c. It also provides UNIQUE features which no other social network provides like Free LIVE Holy Kaaba View and Audio, Free Live TV, Bulletins, Public Chat Rooms, Private IM Chats, Schools, Recipes, e.t.c. "


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