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How MFB is better than others based purely on features?

Peace for All wrote on October 20, 2010.
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If MFB (Millat Facebook) was a country, It would be bigger than Greenland based on daily visitors – Sharenator

Below is some information from a very reputable site which you may find exciting.

An Extract of the information from the link below (as of 18th October 2010 - there are slight daily fluctuations):

* If MFB was a country it would be bigger than Greenland and Cayman's Islands based on daily traffic
* 1 in every 29,070 internet users visits MFB daily
* Per CONSERVATIVE estimate, app 60,000 Unique visitors Daily


You will find more information including the geographical breakdown from the link above.

In addition, it might be worth mentioning here that MFB is ONLY social networking site in the world where more than 2/3 rd of the users spend OVER 2 Hours which is pretty unique.

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