Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Flirting and Abusing Girls not allowed on MFB


Assalam o Alikum

It is very sad to know that the Enemies of Islam and MFB who cannot see the Muslims getting united
at MFB , have adopted new approach.

MFB surivliance team tracked down such user who was doing following:

1) Making friendship with innocent girls

2) Taking their username and password to design them a beautiful Wall page

3) After designing and impressing them , the such persons invite them on Messenger chat's or take their phone numbers

4) They flirt with girls and abuse them and convience them to stop using MFB.

All the sisters of Islam, you are very innocent please beaware of such Agents of Zionists & Anti Islamic activists who want to cause disunity among the Muslims united @ MFB.

Keeping in view of above the offensive user was BANNED , however they may know try to come with
different ID's to make fool of MFB members spcially girls.

Please be aware of such users and report them directly to Admin

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